059: How would you react to herpes with Alexandra Harbushka

Your perception of herpes in hindsight

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The Life With Herpes Podcast

Welcome to today’s episode on Life With Herpes. As always, I am thrilled to be spending time with you whatever it is you are doing. On today’s episode topic it really made me think. The idea came to me through our Life With Herpes Slack Community and it was one of the conversations that our community was talking about. The conversation started something like this...Has anyone ever considered how you would’ve reacted to someone disclosing that they had herpes to you.... before you were diagnosed? Do you think you would’ve been open and generous about it? Or has being diagnosed changed how you think about STDs in general?I chimed in later on in the thread but as I was adding my response I really had to stop and ponder. Because the truth is I don’t know how I would react. I would love to say that I would react positively, that it would be no big deal but it probably would have been a really big deal.


As I went on to discuss this in today’s episode, I realized that a lot of criteria would have played a role. Things like my age and how into the guy that I would hypothetically be dating would have changed my perception of herpes and of course the stigma.  I continue to talk about a few different scenarios on the episode too. I also stopped to think about different times in my life how I have said I would never or that is wrong or these are the rules and how as I have grown and experienced life I have completely changed my view. I have done things I said I would never do, I have changed my perception of people or ideas that I originally would have turned my cheek too.  When you boil it all down your answer in hindsight is very different and the truth is you really don't know how you would have reacted to something until that something is presented to you.


I hope you will take a second to think about perception, beliefs, and your view on herpes and STDs and STI.s



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