Details About Your First Herpes Outbreak

Details About Your First Herpes Outbreak - alexandra harabushka

 Alexandra Shares Details About Her First Herpes Outbreak

I’m excited to share this #askalexandra episode with you! Do you want to join in and send me your own question? Go to Life With and click on the #askalexandra link. Fill out the form, check the box if you want to remain completely anonymous, and you're in! Today’s question comes from Kelly in Melbourne, Australia. She wants to know what the first outbreak is like and I give the answer on this edition of Life With Herpes.  

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  If you’ve been here before you know I love to hear from you, which is why the #AskAlexandra episodes are some of my favorites! You guys are always in my thoughts so when I get the chance to hear from you and help answer your questions I am ecstatic. Let’s jump right into today's question from Kelly from Melbourne, Australia. Kelly's question is about the first outbreak, she wants to know what it's like. She asks because she is going through her first painful outbreak, including sharp pains in her pelvis. First of all I want to tell you Kelly I'm so sorry that you are having your first outbreak. I totally get it, as do our other listeners. The first outbreak is just a stab to your heart: it's emotionally shocking and physically painful - probably the most painful outbreak you'll experience.  

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Personally I had to wear maxi dresses during my first: I couldn't sit down and I couldn't wear jeans. So I understand Kelly and I know you are in a ton of pain, and for that I am so sorry.   Now let's talk about some of the symptoms you experience during your first outbreak: you may have a fever, a headache, and aches and pains throughout your body. In fact it may feel like you have the flu. You might get a sore throat or your lymph nodes may become swollen.   It also burns when you urinate and your entire pelvic area becomes inflamed. You may feel a tingling sensation, too. And you will have blisters show up, those are extremely painful especially when they burst open up.  After they open a clear liquid comes out, then the blisters will scab over and begin itching!   The good news is the itching means the area is healing, and the blisters don’t leave a scar.   I've heard of people not noticing their first outbreak but I find it really hard to believe because mine was so severe! But if that's the case for you good for you! Just be aware it's not an ingrown hair or a zit or a cut from shaving. I'm passionate about paying attention to this because that was my personal situation: he didn't think his blisters were herpes, he thought they were something else.   To get back to you Kelly I’d recommend you phone your doctor about the sharp pelvic pains you are experiencing. It's really hard to get an STD inside the uterus, which is where you are experiencing the sharp pains. And that makes me wonder if something else isn't going on for you.   For me, when I had my first outbreak I also had a severe yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis. My doctor actually thought it was just an extremely bad yeast infection, but she tested me for herpes just in case.   The good news about your first outbreak is that it is typically your most severe. After your first outbreak you’ll start to notice the warning signs ahead of time, and then you can nip those future outbreaks in the bud by getting on an anti-viral and/or using home remedies.   You can find those home remedies in my crisis toolkit. If you're like Kelly and have just been diagnosed pick it up. Be sure to listen to episode 24 of Life With Herpes first, and then go get it! Episode Resources


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