089: Herpes Rejection with Alexandra Harbushka

6 Ways To Handle It 



Life With Herpes

Nobody likes rejection. In fact, I believe that rejection is what holds most of us back from reaching for the stars, following our dreams, quitting that job, asking that hottie out, being who you are and absolutely loving who you are. I would never want to repeat those jr. high days of wondering if all of a sudden you are not going to be asked to sit at the cool kid table. Or if you missed the memo that everyone was supposed to wear a ponytail and you decided to wear your hair down. I still think the rejection in the 6th grade is way worse than the rejection of herpes but I can see where they come in close to the finish line. Lol.  Did you ever have that hard of a time in the 6th grade?

Anyway, back to today and dealing with the fear of having herpes. The fear is the perception that someone will judge you or miss treat you or reject you because you have herpes. Well, I say let them. The truth is EVERYONE is being judged and as hard is it is to admit it, you are judging people too. Maybe you use this as an opportunity to self reflect...just saying. But back to herpes and rejection, I understand it hurts, I understand that it is F*%king scary and at the end of the day all we want is to be loved unconditionally and be happy. Here are 5 ways you can handle the rejection:

1. You Can’t Predict The Outcome 

You are only in control of your feelings and thoughts you can not be in control of others.

2. Rejection Happens Regardless Of Having Herpes

Really herpes has nothing to do with it. Rejection is a part of life. We like to use the fact that we have herpes as a scapegoat but it

3. Divine Intervention

Maybe this is God’s way (aka the universe or whatever you believe in) way of weeding out the bad and making you available for the right one.

4. Feel Your Emotions

Once the rejection happens let yourself feel the rejection. Look at what other emotions come up. Maybe anger? Maybe sadness? Maybe resentment? Maybe you feel like a victim. Regardless feel your emotions. By ignoring them it will only make matters worse and the feelings will continue to fester and eventually they explode.

5. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back 

Realize that you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a chance. Hey, it’s better than sitting on the sofa crying and feeling bad for yourself.

6. Ask yourself, What did I learn?

You always will learn something and there is always a lesson. Yes, sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative but regardless you learned from putting yourself out there.

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