You Have A Herpes Outbreak.

Now What?



Your Herpes Outbreak Toolkit  

Life with Herpes Outbreak Toolkit: $39.99

Get step-by-step guidance for your herpes outbreak. It might suck now, but it doesn’t have to last long. Your future self will thank you and your present self is begging for the toolkit.


Breath Easy.

I'm here for you.


Alexandra Harbushka blue t-shirt sitting on stairsThis toolkit will point you in right direction, back towards confidence, peace, comfort, and pain-free herpes outbreak living.

If you are anything like me ... you are in a lot of pain ... emotional and physical. I know I sure was. All of a sudden, life feels really uncomfortable on so many different levels, right? Are you feeling lost? Alone? Terrified?

I know I sure was. In fact, and let’s be honest, I was scared shitless. Does any of this sound familiar? I know these things because like you... I have herpes too.

When I was diagnosed my doctor was awful. I walked out of her office with a prescription and a lousy 3-fold informational pamphlet. I had to find all this information myself. I only wish someone had invested the time to put this Toolkit together back in 2011.

I'm grateful to be able to get this information to you; helping to put your mind at ease and show you living with herpes is possible.

Alexandra Harbushka, creator of

Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“This toolkit helped me to use my state of shock when it was useful, rather than waiting frozen in fear.”

Omaha NE

Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“Since my diagnosis, I have been filled with tears, heartache, and anxiety. I wish I had found this Toolkit sooner!”

Saint Louis MO

Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“I kept going back to the store, over and over when what I really should’ve done was get all of my supplies at once, go back home, and just binge on Netflix.”

Washington D.C.

Inside This Herpes Outbreak Toolkit You'll Receive:

  • Daily videos to walk you through the content and give you more information
  • Easy steps to managing your outbreak (48-hour Action Plan, 4 pages)

  • Relief from pain, embarrassment, and confusion (Outbreak Shopping List, 8 pages)
  • The nitty gritty down-low of the gift that keeps giving (Outbreaks 101, 2 pages)


  • Love notes & outbreak stories (7 Daily Letters from me!)
  • Truth behind the inevitable announcements (Difficult Conversation Primer)

Sneak Peak at the Herpes Outbreak Toolkit Videos

What To Expect

Walk you through the first few days of your outbreak.

Herpes 101

Everything you need to know about herpes without turning to Google. 

Steps To Heal Your Outbreak

Things you can do right now that will help clear up your herpes outbreak.

Tell Your Partners

Get you ready for those difficult conversations and how to tell your partners.

Outbreak Prevention Basics

What you need to know to help prevent the next outbreak from happening.

Let's Review

Get you back to feeling like your normal self again. 

Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“I’m so glad I had someone who was willing to hold my hand through every step.”

Seattle WA

Alexandra Harbushka Lifestyle, LLC.

“I felt so lost without this to-do list!”

San Diego CA

You Don't have to feel so alone
Easy steps to managing your outbreak
Your Outbreak doesn't have to be so bad
Relief from pain, embarrassment, and confusion
The nitty-gritty down-low of the gift that keeps giving
Soothe the onset of an outbreak to promote fast healing