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The first ever life With Herpes Journal

You guys asked for it and so we created it. Designed to prompt journaling whether it's your first outbreak, of 100th outbreak. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey. At the end of the day unprocessed stuff can still pop up. 

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How The Life With Herpes Journal Works

To walk you through the journal a bit, we start with the My Story portion. This is where it's all about your diagnosis. Many of us think,"why me" and "I never thought this would happen to me because" and so on. This part is so important for healing and moving through the process.



Next we move onto the Outbreak section. This is where you impute specific details about your herpes outbreak. What emotionally triggers you and or what physically triggers. This is great to process so that we can learn or begin to see areas in our life that potentially are causing outbreaks. 

And finally, the Resolution part of the journal. We all want this diagnosis to just go away. Well, unfortunately that is not going to happen but it is possible to learn to live with our diagnosis and no longer have anger towards it. This is the part where we get out of our "Eeyore" phase.