Do You Have Herpes?

Here's How To Find Out.

My Favorite Way To Know For Sure Is HerpAlert.

HerpAlert is an online clinic that will connect you with a real MD doctor who can diagnose you for sure.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Use HerpAlert.

1. You were just exposed to someone with herpes.

...and you're not sure if you caught it from them or not.

2. You have something going on "down there" and you're freaking out.

...because who really wants that kind of dick pic?!

3. You can see blisters and you're scared.

...because you don't know what to do next.

4. You feel the tingle "down there" and you're in a ton of pain.

...but you don't want to go to your normal doctor to get a prescription.

5. A herpes outbreak just popped up but you don't have the antiviral prescription.

...and you need a Rx refill ASAP!



Here’s How HerpAlert Works:



Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Fill out the HerpAlert questionnaire with your unique symptoms. (Use promo code: lifewithherpes and receive 10% off)
  2. If you're seeking diagnosis then upload photos of your outbreak.
  3. They'll send you your prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

Why HerpAlert Is So Awesome

To minimize the pain of your outbreak and speed up the healing process, you need to start treatment within 12 to 24 hours of developing herpes symptoms. Typically, by the time you call your doctor and schedule an appointment, it's too late. With HerpAlert, you can submit confidential photos online and if your diagnosis is positive, HerpAlert sends a prescription to your pharmacy within an hour. If it's not herpes, you pay nothing. Super easy, right?

No Waiting for an Appointment

What's cool about HerpAlert is there's no waiting for an appointment. There are doctors on call, ready to review your photos and provide you with a diagnosis and prescription on the spot so you can get to feeling better ASAP. Prescription drugs can reduce your healing time from 2-3 weeks to 5-7 days. That's a huge difference. By treating herpes the moment you have symptoms, you can minimize it's disruption to your life. This way you can get back to whatever it is you want to do.

Whether its yoga, going to the park with your kids or on that hot date next weekend!


Get Started Now!



Why HerpAlert?



The Word On The Street:

“I was scared and embarrassed to go to my doctor. HerpAlert let me safely find someone right away and get my diagnosis."

- Kelly G., San Francisco, CA

“I was freaking out about my symptoms. I just wanted to feel better! HerpAlert's such a lifesaver because the doctors on call treat me so I can feel better and get the medication that I need.”

- Juliette B., New York, NY

“HerpAlert lets me refill my medication without taking time out of my day.”

- Chris B., Chicago, IL