Monolaurin Extra Strength 800mg  

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Monolaurin is a dietary supplement derived from lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid present in coconut and palm oil. Monolaurin has been researched for its potential to inactivate certain viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other microbes in vitro (in the lab) and in vivo (in the body). Monolaurin can be taken as a dietary supplement in various forms and has been classified by the FDA as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS)

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Why Extra Strength 800mg?


The Extra Strength 800mg provides 800mg Monolaurin per capsule which is 33% more than 600mg capsules. So what that means is you are getting more Monolaurin without having to take more pills.

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Use Promo Code At Checkout: 15ESISBACK to get 15% OFF