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When you’re all alone and dealing with your diagnosis, it feels impossible to fathom that anyone will love you with Herpes.

The resulting brain maze and crazy-making will make a completely normal day feel like your darkest of days.

Unfortunately, I see what’s happening in the other herpes communities online.

The existence of real community is missing. Some of the groups out there feel like a party for negative nancy’s and debbie downers. Other groups are just for hooking up and getting high.

*womp womp*

But when you have a community of people who are there WITH you, who support you, then your darkest days can feel like a ray of sunshine. (Cheesy, but so true!)

The Life With Herpes Secret Society is SO special.

Yes, of course there are gonna be “Eeyore days” that feel tough. That’s the beauty of having the Secret Society. Those days come and go with the warm, uplifting support in our group!

With the help of the Life With Herpes Secret Society, what remains when the clouds lift is a wealth of resources, a big virtual group hug, and some real life-long friends.

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How It Works

The $14.99/month Life With Herpes Secret Society includes:

  • Private access to our exclusive online community via the Slack app
  • Weekly Support Group Video Chats with Alexandra & the rest of the community
  • 24/7 Advice, Encouragement, and Herpes Lifestyle secrets
  • Access to the Free Life With Herpes online resources
    • eBook:  - 8 Powerful and Natural Outbreak Remedies

For a cost of Starbucks visit, you can start to THRIVE with herpes and get back to living a life you’re proud of. Brownie points: making lifelong friendships

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Members Are...

  • All genders All races All ages (13+)

  • All educations From all over the world (even Portugal!)

  • All sexual orientations
  • All relationship statuses
  • We ALL have herpes.

Basically, you’ll feel right at home!

Success Stories

*btw, names changed for privacy purposes

Sally was able to break up with her emotionally abusive partner.

John disclosed to his partner after many months of dating and they’re still together!

Ashley, Kate, and Emily are now BFF’s and went vacation together a couple months ago!


Susan finally figured out the magic prevention recipe for her outbreaks.

Lauren decided to say “F it!” and tell everyone she meets at a bar about her diagnosis and is loving it!

Matt is beginning to date and is learning to trust again.

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About Alexandra, founder of Life With Herpes

Hi! I'm the creator of Life With Herpes and I'm on a mission to educate, entertain and connect with the underserved and often ostracized people living with herpes. Yes, I have herpes too and I totally get what you are going through. I created this community so people living with herpes could learn, connect and get back to living their beautiful lives.

It's my passion to be here regardless of where you are on your journey of dealing with herpes.