Emergency Call





Here’s How Emergency Calls Work:





Anyone who feels they are in meltdown mode and can not wait for our next group session can schedule a call with me ASAP. After paying for and scheduling your call, you’ll receive an email with the confirmed date and time. In that email you will have all the details you will need to get connected. All emergency calls can be accessed by phone or a video conference. It’s up to you.

During the call, we'll discuss your emergency and all of your options. We will create a game plan and a series of next steps specific to your situation. In 1 hour you'll go from crisis to calm.

Where: Online via video conference call or phone

When: Any day of the week for 60 minutes

Due to the emergency nature of these calls I drop everything to be there for you. Because of this, I take only 1 emergency call per day. You will have my undivided attention.


Let’s build confidence and get back to your beautiful life.





Emergency Examples:





You just hung up the phone with your physician or a previous partner and you don’t know how to digest the news.

You and your date are ready to take it to the next level and you need to tell them now.

You just slept with someone without telling them you have herpes. Now what?

Can I ask someone on a date or even accept a date now that I have herpes?

What can I do to ease the pain and get back to normal?

How do I get rid of this outbreak?


The Word On The Street:

“Being stuck in the unknown can send us into meltdown mode where the worry and fear sets in. Herpes can be really difficult to manage if you don’t have experience or extensive knowledge about living with it. Let Alexandra get you back to normal, if not, back to even better!”

- Anne G., Austin, TX

“When I got my bad news, it wreaked havoc on every layer of my life. An emergency session with Alexandra helped me to regain a semblance of a peaceful life.”

- Katie F., Denver, CO

“Don’t ruin your relationships because you have herpes. Yes, you can date and have sex even though you have herpes. Talk to Alexandra about it”

- Mark W., Cleveland, OH